The role of the father in the family! (2023)

Until recently, researchers primarily studied the relationship between a child and its mother. It seemed more natural to relate the child's development to the way mother and child interact. However, a need was identified to learn more about the influence of the attachment relationship between father and son.

A successful father is one who has gone through all levels of education with his own child. A father is like a second mother to the little one, less present of course, but from whom the same displays of support and affection are expected, the same loving exchanges through little games, and sometimes even concern that the modern father must happily toast.

Typically, parents tended to alienate their children by withdrawing from excessive emotional involvement in their lives. As expected from a traditional male role, the mother is the one involved in the child's upbringing, emotions and needs, while the father is responsible for the family's economic and material needs, sometimes interfering in the form of an authoritarian one parenting styles in their children's lives.

Recently, it is evident that parents are more and more concerned about their children. Gone are the days when child development was only seen as the mother's job.

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The role of the father in the family

The psychological development of all people is based on the educational module of their family. Nevertheless, the parents refuse to provide information because they see themselves in their role as authoritarian role models. At the same time, they blame the mother for the child's abnormal mental development without trying to understand ithalf a percent of the weight of your trainingfalls on your shoulders It is therefore easy to understand why many young people today have developed frustrations due to a wrong model of parenting in childhood, which affects their life in adulthood in many ways, with many of them trying to "correct their parents' mistakes". avoid. These are the settings to stay away from if you don't want to bean example for a father:

traditional father

  • An authoritarian parenting style.
  • Lack of participation in the life of the child or the family in general.
  • An emotionless attitude.
  • Lack of communication with children.
  • Lack of time exclusively between father and son.
  • Adopt a fear-based upbringing.
  • Take a very firm stance in your relationship with children.

father, mother

  • Trying to overcome the lack of maternal affection.
  • Taking an overly emotional or revealing attitude towards children.
  • She tries to make up for her mother's absence by buying expensive gifts.
  • They try to seduce their sons or daughters and are in constant competition with the mother for her love.

absent father

  • The "weekend" dad, too busy to be a part of family life, is only around when he's not busy and tries to make up for it with lots of affection.
  • Interference in the upbringing of the mother, dissatisfaction with her - dissatisfaction with one's own internal conflict through feelings of guilt.

father and daughters

One thing parents don't take into account is that even if their daughters are only a few years old, they still have the basic qualities of a woman. Therefore, it is not surprising that most parents do not even think that a girl needs to constantly share her thoughts. Due to a lack of knowledge and patience, parents often push daughters who want to talk to them, considering their ideas superficial and not worth the trouble. Also, it's understandable: how many men could argue endlessly about a teenager's favorite band or this season's new styles of clothes? Still, girls need that, and more than that, they need to discuss everything with their dad, because that's what they mean by communication.

Advice!At least pretend to be interested in your daughter's affairs and do not refuse to communicate with her, no matter how frivolous the discussion. You can find out really interesting things about his personality and desires that will help you in the future. Also, don't make her afraid of rejection or make her shy around men.

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Men often think it's their duty to fix things, but that's not the case when it comes to women (same category as your daughter). Often they just want to listen to them, to vent, without looking for a solution to their problem.

The shared role of parent requires remote education of the child. Nonetheless, it may create a sense of disinterest in your daughter. Unlessenough time to really get involvedAt all times in your daughter's life, reassure her that you love her and that her actions are due to adverse circumstances and not a lack of interest.

Advice! Get to know the problems of the new generation of adolescents and discuss them with your daughter. As small as these details may seem, by doing so you will help her develop a correct vision of life and understand that you are her friend.

father and sons

For parents of boys, adopting a parenting role may seem much easier than for parents of girls. But even in this situation, things are not as simple as they seem. while with girlsYou can easily deal with a problemTo have a simple discussion or spend a few hours with them, kids need action, which means more time and involvement.

By doing things with their parents, children "get" from their parents the emotions they need, represented by attention, appreciation, help, or admiration. Fortunately, as the parent of a boy, you don't have to say as much and therefore push against your will as you have to with girls. Nevertheless, it is essential that children have to do various tasks such as washing the car or doing homework together with their father.

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Advice! Don't be too critical or harsh on your child. Even if you mean well, you risk putting yourself in a vicious circle. Worse still, you can make him feel worthless which will affect him greatly throughout his adult life.

Male nature demands that all actions be directed towards a specific purpose. However, sometimes we can be wrong or the goal is impossible to achieve. In this case, the father has to play a supportive rather than a critical role. The phrase "I told you so!" It is one of the biggest mistakes a parent can make, the only result that is achieved is a defensive and rebellious attitude on the part of the child, especially if it is a boy.

"Being a boss" is a saying that should not be used in parenting, although your child often seems disobedient to your decisions. In fact, that's the reaction you should have too. However, “being a friend” brings other results, much more practical and better for the child's intellectual development.

The role of the father in the Bible

Israelite history tells us that the father was very active in instructing his son in the words and ways of the Lord for his own welfare and development. The training was created to make the children's way of life clear. Dealing with the child's early education in this way was of great importance. - FurtherHere!

The Christian father was but an instrument in the hands of God. The entire process of parenting and teaching had to be done as God commanded it so that His authority would immediately contact the minds, consciences, and hearts of the children. The Christian father has never set himself up as the supreme authority as to duty or truth. According to the Bible, a father's first and foremost responsibility was to teach his children the scriptures.

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Duties of father and husband

IfA man starts a familywith his girlfriend he has to take on several tasks, to honor her, to love her and to love her. Common vows include "for better or for worse, in sickness or in health." No matter what life throws at you, you must make a commitment to take care of your woman. When the fruit of your love is born, your responsibilities and duties will increase very quickly and you will have to go with the flow without asking questions. You cannot let life's obstacles stop you from having a healthy and happy family. As he begins to fail as a husband and father, he begins to jeopardize his family's future. Staying focused is a daily challenge, but it's worth it in the end.

Parents' Responsibilities

  • Always be there for your children.
  • Focus on the positive things you are talking to them about.
  • Don't forget to say the most important words whenever possible (I love you!).
  • There's no shame in showing your feelings in front of your family.
  • Focus on getting betterRelationship you have with your partner or spouse.
  • Remember to take time off your job to spend time with your family.
  • Pay attention when your children talk to you.
  • Stay up to date so you can let your kids know.
  • Your children should be held accountable for their words or actions, but not punished.
  • Don't hide your phone from your family.
  • You must have at least one meal a day with your family.
  • Sometimes you have to do crazy things in front of your kids.
  • Spend time alone with your child.
  • Get physically fit and get your kids involved.
  • Go hiking with your family without a car.
  • Always admit when you're wrong.
  • Reflect on what you hated about your parents as a child and make a promise to be different with your own child.
  • Read bedtime stories to your children.

How can you be a positive participant in your child's life?

Here is a list of tips that can help you contribute to the harmonious intellectual development of your child:

  • Takeinvolve them in their training as much as possible, but without adopting an authoritarian upbringing.
  • Learn more about the different educational methods you can use. You can find a lot of useful information about this on the Internet.
  • Inconsistency in behavior does not bring anything good. Therefore, it is important not to make any jumps in attitude or miss out on long sections of your child's life.
  • While it may seem inappropriate for parents to play with their child, playtime is very important well into the preadolescent period and can play an important role in a child's intellectual development when done with parents.
  • Keep that in mindthe family model that you will offerThe example you set for your child is passed on later through the way you live your life with your own family. For this reason, it is important that the model you offer her is positive, in which you pay attention to your woman and avoid unnecessary tension.
  • Get involved in the life of your child even before the birth, with prenatal care, and be there for them as an adult. There is no "right" age to get involved, contrary to what many people think.

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