The hardest songs to play on drums in 2023 | zero to the drum (2023)

There are many different ways to learn to play the drums. Some people use personal notes, some reference books, and some go to school for them.

But when it comes to honing your drumming skills, nothing makes more sense than playing the drums along with your favorite song..

Everyone learns at a different pace. You need to determine what pace you are comfortable learning at.

The best way to start ispractice simple songs.

However, as Maegan W points out, “Sometimes you want to challenge yourself and see what you can do. Take a break from your normal drum practice routine and try more challenging songs.”

And if you're up to the task, this drumming guide is for you.I'm going to talk generally about the best songs to play drums with a focus on the hardest ones..

come with me

The hardest songs to play on drums in 2023 | zero to the drum (1)

Which songs will be the hardest to play on drums in 2023?

These are some of the heaviest songs of all time.

You should try playing them if you have that skill!

1. Dance of Eternity

Dream Theater's Dance of Eternity is one of the most complicated songs I've ever seen.Dream Theater is a sonic marvel in this genre of progressive metal that offers drummers a tough job..

The tricky part comes with using many different time signatures. Mike Portnoy and company follow standard 4/4 time.

Music does not consist of massive or high-speed beats and fills, but its complexity lies in time..

At first glance, it looks simple and straightforward. But as the song progresses, you notice the fluid movements and the time signatures that change without any obvious repetition.

2. Meshuggah Bleeding

This could easily be the number one difficult song on this list. Has polyrhythms on guard;The bass drum features crossed rhythms.,triplets, Yother complex movements, all in different time signatures.

Some drummers say that if you can play all seven minutes of this song, you're not human. It's even difficult to get a good photo.

The bass melody is very complicated. It's amazing how the band does rude models live.

3. Moby Dick de Led Zeppelin

The studio version of Moby Dick is a little light. But I'm not talking about Moby Dick. I mean the live version recorded at the Royal Albert Hall in 1970.

This song could easily be the number one hardest song.. Temcomplex bars,fast triplets,bongo style game, Yother hard fillers, each hitting as hard as possible. The studio version could be at number seven or anywhere below that.

4. At Villa Strangiato de Rush

Meetinga song is only as good as the adrenaline of La Villa Strangiato, and the drum sounds are only as complicated as the drummer. And in this case, this song says it all.

I would have put it first, but I follow what many experts say. Music has some of the most challenging aspects.

The song has many parts to learn, but its speed, precision and technique are on another level..

5. Ticks and leeches per tool

Tools drummer Danny Carrey takes some of the more technical approaches to this track.. It's an extreme challenge for any drummer.

First,The music is mostly played in 7/4 with fast velocities on the 16th note.. He can easily drive aspiring drummers crazy.

It starts low on famous drums and gradually builds up to ultra-fast speeds.

and then comespolirritmiaYsyncopated patternsbetween rough and footwork. You'll need maximum skill and stamina to even try.

6. Goliath of Mars Back

These might be the loudest and heaviest famous drum songs you've ever heard.. has been heavy anddifficultdrum pattern. The double bass rhythms are almost heavy and keep you moving at all times. The multiple rhythms with different time signatures are really heavy.

7. Withdrawal of nervous sedation

This song has all the elements that make a heavy song.It has technical beats, filler, shocking speed, intense polyrhythm, crazy dynamic controls and lots of break beats..

At first it seems easy, but along the way you get it.You discover a fusion of intricately composed elements that make it extremely difficult. Get ready to sweat.

8. The Apocalypse of the Wounded God of the Flesh

When I first found this song, I couldn't believe that someone would create something like this. Only a madman can try.

the clue iscreated with powerful and famous percussion performances that roar with sensory assault. Drummer Franco Paoli creates some of the best percussion sequences that will blow anyone away, especially on the relentless double beats.

9. A Night in Tunis de Art Blakey e The Jazz Messengers

This piece by the pioneers of hard bop jazz is one of the most complicated songs. It's a pivotal track with a beautifully constructed drum solo that wobbles lightly and flows and controls.The drum work on this song is the true definition of jazz..

10. Gene Krupas Sing, sing, sing

Gen KrupaIt is one ofbest drummerany time heWithout helpredefined the face of percussion in jazz.There's more to music than just its timing.. He approaches the drums with a grandeur and extravagance that you won't find in any other song. His extensive drum solo gives the song a lot of power and momentum.

If you can play Gene's style, you have what it takes to become a great drummer..

11. Caravan (Whiplash) with drum solo

Whiplash's Caravan is absolutely one of the hardest songs to play on drums. The rhythm is a mixture of jazz and samba rhythms. The melody is great and there are countless creative opportunities for improvisation.

This is the perfect challenge for jazz musicians looking to improve their technique.

I've been playing drums for a long time and I know what it takes to be a top drummer. You have to be innovative.

And you can't do that unless you're ready to move forward.As you try to play some of the hardest songs to play on drums, you'll learn your limits and what you can do to improve..

The hardest songs to play on this list are characterized by:

Specific dynamic control and execution

with these piecesevery drum level of every note is intentional. And it aims to complement the overall drum music game. You don't say that about the other easy pieces that are played anyway.


The drum songs contain some unique and challenging rhythms and fills that you will never find.. You might think they're easy to play at first, but the more you try to play them, the more you know about their difficulty. Even with sheet music, you will find it extremely technical to play.


It is mainly the speed that determines the difficulty level of the drum songs that will be played.Songs in this list are played at high speed for the number of available notes.


A song to play in a solorhythmin its entirety is not difficult. But the ones that contain polyrhythms are something else to play with. You can also use two or more conflicting rhythms simultaneously to play the drums.

odd meters

The time signature is another aspect of playing drum music that a drummer must master.. Its main task is to keep the rhythm, rather than to bring the music to life.

Some of the heavy songs have odd tempos or metrics. If the song is not in 4/4 time, it is in odd time. Heavy songs often contain multiple time signatures in one song.

What is the easiest song to play on drums? And what is the hardest drum song for a rock band to play?

The hardest songs to play on drums in 2023 | zero to the drum (2)

If you feel you are not ready to print the above songs, consider some easier songs. Here is a list of the easiest songs:

  • White Stripes Seven Nation Army
  • Another bites the queen's dust
  • Nothing else matters about Metallica
  • Bullet the Blue Sky do U2
  • Come like you are from AC/DC
  • Living on a Bon Jovi prayer
  • Be it by the Beatles
  • Stairway to Heaven by John Bonham

Rhythms and simple rhythms characterize all these songs.. Most of them are in the basic time signature that flows in the same way throughout the song.

Many beginners used a song like One Nation Army by The White Stripes for its simplicity.. It features a simple rhythm that repeats throughout.

Which guitar song is the hardest to play?

The hardest songs to play on drums in 2023 | zero to the drum (3)

Learning to play the guitar can be a challenge. You may need to start with something simple.But if you want to test your limits, here are five songs that will push you further.. Note that some of them are almost unplayable.

  • CAFO for animals as leaders
  • Eric Johnson's Cliffs of Dover
  • DragonForce is through fire and flame
  • Racer X technical difficulties
  • Eternity's Dance - Theater of Dreams

What are good drum songs?

The hardest songs to play on drums in 2023 | zero to the drum (4)

A good drum song shouldn't be too slow or too early.. You don't want anything too difficult that you'll give up too easily. At the same time, you have to challenge yourself enough.

But choosing a good song can be difficult.. So here are some ideas to get you started:

  • All I Want - Skunk Anansie
  • All my life - Foo Fighters
  • ok, free
  • Assassin - Muse
  • Black Dog - Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin is my favorite.
  • Autowäsche-Rose Royce
  • That's why - AC/DC.


Some drum songs that even the most experienced drummer can't attempt are too complex. ButThey can be a great way to learn new ideas.. The songs discussed above should be fine for these cases.

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