The end of 'Dog Gone' explained: Did the Marshalls find Gonkers? What is the true story behind the film? | DMT (2023)

It's impossible not to fall in love with the doggy eyes, adorable tail wagging, and sloppy kisses that make dogs the perfect human companion. The unconditional love that dogs bring to our lives is the reason many choose to adopt them, but often don't consider the responsibilities that come with them. Fielding Marshall was heartbroken to see his ex-girlfriend with his new partner. He wanted to shower his love and affection on someone, and a dog seemed like the right choice. Although his best friend Nate didn't think he had what it took to take care of a dog, Fielding had his eyes on a yellow Lab wailing with affection. "Dog Gone" is about the bond that Fielding and his family shared with Gonker and how, somehow, the loss of him has brought them closer together.

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Dog Gone Plot Summary: What is the movie about?

Gonker grew up on the University of Virginia campus. He was Fielding's partner at parties and even in yoga classes. Fielding always wanted Gonker to get in touch with the wild side of him and preferred to let him off leash. His parents found out about Gonker while traveling to his university to attend his graduation ceremony. His father, John Marshall, scoffed at his decision to adopt a dog at a time when he had no idea of ​​his future. Fielding believed that it was Gonker who helped him enjoy his college years and he wouldn't have done it any other way. Fielding was worried about his future and seeing his friends discussing his job offers didn't make things any easier. He was a man who liked adventure sports, but he wasn't sure he could make a living from it. He spent the last day on campus with Gonker, doing all the things they loved together. Although he missed the graduation ceremony to the disappointment of his parents, he has no regrets. After college, he moved in with his parents in the suburbs, and Gonker learned the rules of the house. But of course, his parents couldn't keep up with his stern behavior due to Gonker's kindness.

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Anyone who had never wanted a dog at home now enjoyed every moment with Gonker. John became her search partner and Ginny treated him with food and affection. While she enjoyed Gonker's company, her parents worried about her son. Wanting Fielding to grow up to be a responsible adult, John struggled to accept that his son was taking the time to put his life in order. The transition from quiet college life to the world of earning a living was not easy for Fielding, and the growing urgency to find a job was taking its toll. Meanwhile, one afternoon Gonker seemed more lethargic than usual, he didn't greet Ginny after she returned home and her food plate was left full. They took him to the animal hospital where they were told he had Addison's disease. The vets weren't sure if he would survive that night, but to his surprise, Gonker was as playful as ever the next morning. Gonker's sudden illness taught Fielding the great responsibility of being a dog parent.

Fielding went to the Appalachian Trail with Nate and took Gonker with him. He was off leash and went into the woods to hunt a fox. During all this time, Gonker always returned when called, no matter how far he went, but this time it was not the same. Even after calling out to him several times and heading into the forest, there was no sign of Gonker. Fielding returned home and informed the parents of him, and the next morning they began the extensive search for his beloved son.

'Dog Gone' ending explained: Did the Marshalls find Gonkers?

Ginny remembered her childhood when Gonker disappeared. She had a dog named Oji that she lost in an accident, her parents told her. Her parents were strict and lacking in affection; She did not like Oji's presence and refused to let him into the house even when it was snowing heavily outside. Ginny was young then and she had no way of finding Oji, but this time she wasn't ready to give up so easily. She picked up the phone books and called every hospital, animal shelter, and animal media outlet to publicize Gonker. They had to find Gonker in 23 days because he would not survive without his monthly injection. Gonker's story was published in the newspapers and touched the hearts of his readers. People took the initiative to publicize it and flyers were distributed everywhere. Meanwhile, John and Fielding headed out to the Appalachian Trail to conduct an extensive search. They ran into several dead ends, which left them tired and frustrated. During his search for Gonker, John realized that his son might have trouble finding his way, but he was responsible enough to prioritize finding Gonker even when he was physically exhausted. He was proud of the man his son had become: a kind and soulful soul.

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After days of tirelessly searching for Gonker, the Marshalls felt they had to end the search. It became physically and emotionally exhausting for her. Fortunately, within hours they were informed that there was a dog matching Gonker's description at Evergreen Lodge in Nellysford. When the man on the phone mentioned that the dog had shown him a donut trick, the bailiffs knew it had to be Gonker. They headed for the cabin and Fielding called out to him. Gonker came running towards him from the forest. They eventually got back together with his godfather. As John and Fielding brought Gonker home safely, Fielding collapsed to the ground. He had been ill for months and was in severe pain, but he chose to hide it in order to concentrate on finding Gonker. They took him to the hospital and his parents found out that he had ulcerative colitis. After the successful operation, Fielding began to recover. The doctor advised him to sleep well, but he had a hard time sleeping without a gonker next to him. John had the perfect solution; He took Gonker to the hospital and Fielding was more than happy to have his friend by his side.

Despite being in pain and barely able to eat, Fielding didn't want to stop looking for Gonker. Although John once wondered if his son lacked determination and responsibility, he was wrong. Fielding's decision to adopt Gonker was perhaps one of the best decisions of his life.

What is the true story behind the movie?

The Marshall family lost Gonker on the Appalachian Trail in 1998. As shown in the film, Gonker was suffering from Addison's disease and the Marshall family only had 23 days to locate their dog as he would not survive without his monthly injection. . John and Fielding Marshall went looking for Gonker while Ginny focused on contacting shelters, community centers and newspapers. Soon a community of dog lovers was looking for Gonker. Ginny had a real life dog named Oji and he was her support system during her childhood. Losing him was traumatizing for her, so finding Gonker became an important mission for her. When writer Pauls Toutonghi, John and Ginny's son-in-law, learned of the incident, he acknowledged the family's emotional connection to the story of finding Gonker. He originally planned to give the book to his family for Christmas, but it ended up being a published book. Writer/producer Nick Santaro introduced him to Netflix and the Dog Gone journey began.

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Once Gonker was lost, the Marshall family made sure he was never separated from them again. And in keeping with his adventurous genius, Fielding kayaks in Chile. "Dog Gone" is an emotional journey; It's not just about finding a lost dog, but also about the deeper emotional impact this has had on the family, from the way he helped Ginny recover from her childhood regrets, to the way John understood your son better than ever. While the loss of Gonker was, of course, an emotional roller coaster for the family, it was ultimately a happy ending.

Dog Gone is a 2023 family drama series directed by Stephen Herek.

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Did the Marshals find Gonker? ›

Yes. The missing dog Gonker was found 15 days after he disappeared. A concerned citizen spotted the dog eating from trash cans behind a ski resort and reported his whereabouts to the police, who in turn phoned Fielding Marshall's mother, Ginny. She got the call at around 2 a.m. on October 25, 1998.

Is the story about Gonker true? ›

It tells the true story of Gonker, a goofy but beloved dog with Addison's disease who got lost on the Appalachian trail in October 1998. The heartbroken family had only 23 days to try to find him and administer a lifesaving shot.

Do they find Gonker in the movie Dog Gone? ›

Netflix has just released Dog Gone, and fans have fallen in love with the adorable Gonker from the movie. And yes, Gonker thankfully does reunite with his owner. Directed by Stephen Herek, Dog Gone stars Rob Lowe, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, and Johnny Berchtold.

What happened at the end of Dog Gone? ›

After collapsing once Gonker was home, John and Ginny found out that Fielding had ulcerative colitis. Fortunately, Fielding would make a recovery, but he needed sleep. He couldn't sleep without Gonker, so John and Ginny snuck Gonker into the hospital room. It was a happy ending for everyone.

How true is the movie Dog Gone? ›

Yes, Dog Gone is based on a true story. The film, directed by Stephen Herek (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure) and written by Nick Santora (Reacher), is actually an adaptation of a 2017 book, which is in turn based on a true, honest-to-God story.

What was wrong with Fielding Marshall in Dog Gone? ›

Another part of the "Dog Gone" movie that's true is Fielding was indeed suffering from ulcerative colitis (per History vs. Hollywood), which could have been fatal for him as well.

How does Gonker get found? ›

But Virginia received a call from a police officer on October 25 at 2 am, 15 days after Gonker went missing. He had been found eating from trash cans in Wintergreen, 111 miles away from Catawba. Marshall drove to pick up his cherished pet.

What breed of dog is Gonker? ›

The closing chapter of college can be challenging, and sometimes you need something to fill the void — something like a dog. At least that's true for Fielding Marshall (Johnny Berchtold), who adopts a ridiculously adorable golden retriever mix named Gonker to ease the transition.

Is the film true story based on true events? ›

Despite the title itself suggesting that the series is based on real events, True Story is a work of fiction, but there are some elements of the story that are accurate to Kevin Hart's real life.

Did Gizmo the dog get found? ›

A foster carer is desperately needed for neglected 12-year-old Gizmo, who was saved after being discovered with his eyes shut together with his own faeces. The dog was found in County Derry, northern Ireland, on Monday, according to Belfast Live and an appeal has been launched to find him a new home.

Who is the real Gonker from Dog Gone? ›

The real-life Gonker went missing in 1998

In the film, Fielding adopts a dog to ease the pain of heartbreak. In reality, he adopted Gonker in 1991 to overcome the "oceanic wave of sadness" in the aftermath of his infant daughter's death (via The New York Post).

Does he keep Lulu at the end of dog? ›

He didn't feel right giving her up. He goes back and takes Lulu with him. He files for his legal custody and gets it eventually. Lulu and Jackson Briggs were similar in more than one aspect.

How did Gonker get lost? ›

What happened to the real Gonker? As the film alludes to, Dog Gone is based on a true story that was turned into a book by Pauls Toutonghi, Fielding Marshall's brother-in-law. Just like in the film, the real Gonker got lost while walking along the Appalachian Trail on October 10, 1998.

What do Brock and Brog do at the end of the story in the last dog? ›

5. What do Brock and Brog do at the end of the story? They leave the dome with no plans to return.

Why was the dog running away? ›

The most common reasons why dogs run away are:

Boredom. Prey drive. Mating instinct. New territory.

Was there a real lulu from the movie dog? ›

The real Lulu was a Pitbull Catahoula mix while the fictional Lulu is portrayed by a Belgian Shepherd. In the film, Channing's character Briggs and the dog take a long road trip loosely based on one the actor took with his dog while she was still alive. "Lulu was my little shadow. She was everything.

How many years did dog survive? ›

The average lifespan for dogs is between 10-13 years, though there is variability among breeds and sizes.

Is the dog from the movie dog still alive? ›

Rest easy, dog lovers: The canine at the center of the movie Dog does not die. In fact, when co-director and star Channing Tatum set out to make the film with longtime friend and Magic Mike collaborator Reid Carolin, they ruled out doggy deaths from the jump.

Is Gonker in chile? ›

In real life, Fielding now lives in Chile with his partner and their two children. Gonker lived a full and happy life.

How many pets are missing from the Marshall Fire? ›

Of the 107 lost animal reports filed with the Humane Society, only 26 were canceled because the animal was later found, according to the CU study. After the fire, hundreds of families searched for lost pets.

Is the boy sick in Dog Gone? ›

Over time, the family forms a unique bond with Gonker, especially Fielding's mum, Ginny (played by (Kimberly Williams-Paisley), who mourns the loss of her childhood dog (Oji). Sadly, Gonker begins exhibiting symptoms of fatigue, and he is diagnosed with Addison's disease.

Is Fielding sick in Dog Gone? ›

The happily reunited family returns home only for Fielding to finally collapse from all the exhaustion. At the hospital, they find out he had ulcerative colitis and could have died without the surgery. All he needs now is rest.

Does the dog come back in Dog Gone? ›

Yes. The family receives a phone call from somebody saying they'd seen the dog from the missing posters eating from their trash just recently. Before Fielding can confess about his stomach to his parents they head on over to the man's house and he shows them the nearby trees where he has seen the dog emerging from.

Is Fielding Marshall still alive? ›

Fielding Marshall currently lives in Chile. In 2005, Virginia-born Fielding moved to South America, living in Brazil and Peru before settling in Chile where he met his wife Soma Maia. Since then, the pair have had two children, a boy and a girl, and they now run a spiritual retreat together called Mystical Retreats.

What breed is a hellhound? ›

The gwyllgi (compound noun of either gwyllt "wild" or gwyll "twilight" + ci "dog") is a mythical black dog from Wales that appears as an English mastiff with baleful breath and blazing red eyes.

Is Labsky a breed? ›

The Labsky is a mixed breed dog — a cross between the Labrador Retriever and Siberian Husky dog breeds. Active, smart, and loyal, these pups inherited some of the best qualities from both of their parents. Labskies also go by the name Huskador.

What does a molossian dog look like? ›

The appearance of this dog was largely unclear. Some say the Molossus was a very large, muscular dog with thick legs and a wide chest. Others say that the Molossus was more of a sighthound type of dog with straight, tall legs and long ears.

What is the most accurate based on True Story movies? ›

'All the President's Men' (1976)

Considered to be the most factually accurate film ever made, All the President's Men is based on the 1974 non-fiction book of the same name.

Are Narvik characters real? ›

Although the events that form the backdrop to the film are very much based on true history, the storyline involving the Tofte family is fictional – with Netflix's site Tudum explaining that they were intended simply as a representation of the real Norwegian families caught up in the war.

Who was the killer in True Story? ›

When disgraced New York Times reporter Michael Finkel meets accused killer Christian Longo - who has taken on Finkel's identity - his investigation morphs into a game of cat-and-mouse.

Does Gizmo survive? ›

'" Instead, Gizmo survived the massacre at Kingston Falls and lived to fight another day alongside the movie's lead (human) actor Zach Galligan. Warner Bros.

What did Gizmo become? ›

These rules were obeyed until Billy Peltzer's friend Pete Fountaine accidentally knocked over a brush cleaning jar that contained water, causing Gizmo to multiply, quickly spawning five new Mogwai, among them Stripe, who was the leader of the batch.

Who does Gizmo become? ›

Also, instead of Stripe being a mogwai who becomes a gremlin, there was originally no mogwai named Stripe; rather, Gizmo was supposed to transform into Stripe the gremlin.

Did Tory Burch find her dog? ›

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Fashion designer Tory Burch has been reunited with her lost dog named Chicken. Burch took to Instagram on Wednesday morning to thank a couple for keeping the dog safe and bringing her back home. "Our Chicken is home! Thank you to the couple who found her, kept her safe and brought her home.

Where is Lulu the dog now? ›

Unfortunately, Lulu died the day after they returned home; nevertheless, Channing and his co-director Reid Carolin took the heartbreaking trip and turned it into a comforting cinematic tribute for all to enjoy. Dog is now playing exclusively in theaters.

Is Madison the dog still alive? ›

Her caption read: "Madison has sadly passed away tonight... however she fought her chronic illness like a warrior!" "Please pray for her to be in a peaceful place," she added solemnly. Amber has shared photos of large dog in the past and has admitted that the animal has helped with her mental health.

Why does it say in memory of Lulu at the end of dog? ›

At the end credits the movie details "In Memory of Lulu". This is in tribute to Tatum's late dog Lulu, a catahoula pittie mix. This movie is in celebration of his last road trip with his beloved dog Lulu before she passed due to cancer.

Who had Lulus brother in dog? ›

Ethan Suplee as Noah - Briggs' friend from the military and the owner of Lulu's brother Nuke.

What happens to Briggs in dog? ›

The onscreen dog was eventually euthanized in his old age. After the emotional final scene, fans were left reeling over the faithful pup's death.

Does Gonker live in chile with Fielding? ›

The film ends with a picture of the real Gonker, with a coda that reads: "Gonker has never separated from the Marshalls again." In real life, Fielding now lives in Chile with his partner and their two children. Gonker lived a full and happy life.

What breed is Gonker? ›

The closing chapter of college can be challenging, and sometimes you need something to fill the void — something like a dog. At least that's true for Fielding Marshall (Johnny Berchtold), who adopts a ridiculously adorable golden retriever mix named Gonker to ease the transition.

Where did Gonker go missing? ›

Starring Rob Lowe (Parks and Recreation, St Elmo's Fire) as John Marshall, and Johnny Berchtold (A Hard Problem, Snow Falls) as Fielding Marshall, Dog Gone tells the story of a dog named Gonker who went missing on the Appalachian Trail, and his owner's search to be reunited with him withing 23 days before he dies from ...

Is there a movie Dog Gone with Rob Lowe? ›

Production. In August 2021, it was announced Rob Lowe would star in and executive produce Dog Gone for Netflix based on the book Dog Gone: A Lost Pet's Extraordinary Journey and the Family Who Brought Him Home by Pauls Toutonghi, itself based on a true story.

What is Chile's real name? ›

The Republic of Chile (its official name) has a population of 19.7 million people (official estimates 2021). The capital and largest city is Santiago (Santiago de Chile). The national language is Spanish.

Is dog Lulu based on a true story? ›

The movie Dog is partially based on a true story. Co-director and star of the film, Channing Tatum rescued a mix-breed dog named Lulu in 2008. She lived with him for the last decade of her life, passing away from cancer in December of 2018.

What breed is a kashon? ›

The Kashon, also known as the Bairn, is a deliberate crossbreed between the Cairn Terrier, a small but determined hunter of otter and fox from the Isle of Skye in Scotland, and the Bichon Frise, a clever, adaptable, and entertaining companion animal.

What breed is Yuri in Dog Gone? ›

While Gonker is a golden retriever mix, Ginny's childhood pet dog Oji is in fact an Akita, a breed of dog that originates from northern Japan.

Was Gunner the dog found? ›

OCSO found Gunner in May after deputies were called to a home near Luther for a wellness check. Deputies found a 64-year-old man dead in his home, saying he had been dead for over a month. While checking the rest of the home, deputies found Gunner in a large pen in the backyard.


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