The 12 Most Difficult Drum Songs - Are you up for the challenge? (2023)

The 12 Most Difficult Drum Songs - Are you up for the challenge? (1)

What are the heaviest drum songs? Of course this is subjective.Everyone learns to drum at a different tempo and it's important to find the right tempo for you. However, sometimes you want to challenge yourself and see what you can do. Take a break from your regular practice routine and try these challenging drum songs, hand-picked by a San Diego, California drum teacher.Magan W

Calling all drummers!

If you areready for a challengeHere are some of the most difficult (IMHO) drum songs to play on your drum kit.

What is the hardest drum song?

So what is the hardest song to play on drums? Here are some of the leading candidates:

  • "At Villa Strangiato" - Masacre
  • "Moby Dick"-Led Zeppelin
  • "Ticks and leeches" - tool
  • "Goliath" - The Hammer Spins
  • "Sedation Deprivation" – Nerve (Jojo Mayer)
  • "Bleeding" – Meshuggah
  • "The Gap" - Apocalypse of the God of Flesh
  • "A Night in Tunis" – Art Blakey and the Messengers of Jazz
  • "Caravan" - Whip
  • "Sing, Sing, Sing" - Gene Krupa

If you are learning to play the drums, check out this video. It contains all kinds of information on the basic rudiments of percussion to help master all types of percussion.battery leaderEven the toughest! - a little easier.

Thatthe most difficult song to play on drums?

These songs are the most challenging, as they include many, if not all, of the following criteria:

  • Precise Dynamic Control and Playing: Every layer of every note is intentional and complementary to the music.
  • Technique: Most, if not all, of these songs contain unique and challenging rhythms andfill. They may seem easy at first, but they are much more difficult than they seem.
  • speed: Many of these songs have rhythms and fills that play at a high speed for the number of notes played. includecomplex rhythmsplayed at high speed.
  • polirritmia: Strong percussion songs often contain polyrhythms or the simultaneous use of two or more conflicting rhythms.
  • odd gauges: Many of these songs are in odd or odd time. The usual tempo is 4/4 and anything else is considered odd. Challenging drum songs often contain several different bars in one song.

If you're still up for the challenge, let's get to the list!

12The heaviest drum songs.maestro

Curious about some of theharder drum songs? Whilethe hardest drum songvaries by skillgame preferences, and other factors, these are some of theThe most difficult songs to play on drums.- whenever! Most drummers would agree that these tunes are just hard to master.

drum roll please.....

1. "At Villa Strangiato" - Embestida

The hardest song to play on is, in our eyes, “La Villa Strangiato” by Rush.

This song meets almost all of the criteria on our list, along with other aspects that make it extremely challenging.

Not only are there a ton of different pieces to learn, but the technique, speed, and precision take it to another level.

2. „Moby Dick“ – Led Zeppelin

"Moby Dick" is probably the onlyLed Zeppelin's Heaviest Drum Songwhenever.This song features crazy footwork from John Bonham and greatBassdynamik. There is a big difference between playing these hand and foot combinations and playing dynamically.

If you want this song to come out right, you have to play it to the end.control and subtlety.

3. Tool "Ticks and Leeches"

This song can be described in one word: crazy! But seriously, polyrhythms are hard to understand, let alone play them all at once.

Watch the video and pay close attention to Danny Carey's accuracy.

This song is also physically demanding and requires a lot of stamina.

4. "Goliath" - The Marsvolta

(or anything from The Mars Volta, actually)

Start with a wicked multi-tempo beat, then add a lightning-fast double bass groove, crazy fills, and blast beats (and that's all before the crash).

Try this song if you dare!

5. "Sedation Deprivation" - Nerve (Jojo Mayer)

Let's compare this to our list of criteria for the heaviest drum songs:

odd numerator? Check!
Lightning fast? Check!
Crazy polyrhythms? Check!
¿Full dynamic control? To control!
¿Breackbeats funky? ¡Controlar!

The list goes on...

This one may take a while, but it will be worth it once you've completed it. It has a fascinating groove and a smooth feel.

6. "Bleeding" - Meshuggah

Although it may not bethe heaviest song of all time on drums, it is quite challenging, especially as a beginner!

A progressive metal offering with a truly mind blowing pattern that is impressive to listen to but very difficult to master. It's played in 4/4 time, but has double bass speed along with intricate polyrhythms, demanding footwork, and more.

Get ready to sweat playing this song on the drums. It takes a lot of stamina, to say the least!

7. "Dance of Eternity" - Dream Theater

This song is probably one of them.The Heaviest Metal Songs You Can Play On Drums. It's technically part of the progressive metal genre and what makes it difficult is that it uses so many different variations of time signatures.

You're not limited to 4/4 with this one!

All the complex bars make this song one of theharder drum songsper se. However, if you play all kinds ofFull batery, ruts and high speed sections, it is very, very difficult.

And did we mention there are very few replays to fall back on?

8. "Engrecido" - Metallica

this is itMetallica's heaviest song on drumsYou will find that! Some drummers claim that Metallica's songs are difficult in general, so finding other competitors in this category can be easy.

However, this song has many tempo variations and many other complex percussion techniques that make it a real beast to master.

9. "The Rape" - Apocalypse of the God of Flesh

maybe that's himthe hardest drum songits Death-Metal-Genre.

A headbanger with a powerful drum performance with relentless beats. The speed of him also makes him more challenging.

10. "A Night in Tunis" - Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers

another ofThe most difficult songs to play on "A night in Tunis".

In fact, we cut that out: this song is just heavy, period. Like most jazz songs, it has many intricate and complex drum sections (along with many intricate drum solos) that make it absolutely beautiful, but also very difficult to master.

11. "Caravan" - whip

another ofharder drum songsIt's Whiplash's "Caravan." With a mix of jazz and samba rhythms, this song has a great melody and is super fun to play, yet challenging.

You'll need to master your technique to play this song, but once you do, it's one of the most fun songs to play on drums because there's so much room for innovation and improvisation.

12. "Sing, sing, sing" - Gene Krupa

another ofharder drum songsis "Sing, Sing, Sing" by Gene Krupa. It includes all kinds of drum instruments, including cymbals, snares, tom-toms, and more.

It's a great song that you can push yourself to play as you are.learn to play drums– but don't be discouraged if you don't get it right away. It is very difficult!

What is the hardest drumming style?

Not allJazzconsidered the heaviest style of percussion, closely followed by Latin and brass. Jazz has a wide range of material to master, and with often standard improvisation, it can be hard to know what to expect!

That means you will find a lot of them.harder drum songsno matter what genre you want to play.

Sure, there are millions of songs that could make a list of the heaviest drum songs, but these are my top 5. My list may be different than other people's, but I wanted to include different types of music.

I hope you like these songs, try playing some or all of them. If you're not quite ready to tackle the heavier drum songs yet, we've got a few more options for you in ourDefinitive list of drum songs.

Do you want to improve your drumming skills?search herefor a drum teacher near you!

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magan w.
Maegan W. teaches drums, songwriting and more in San Diego, CA. He received a percussion degree from the Musician's Institute and has been teaching privately since 2004.Learn more about Maegan here!

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