The 12 Best Printable Self-Care Worksheets for Adults - Authentically Del (2023)

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I've collected 12 of the best printable adult self care worksheets into one post! These self-care PDF worksheets are the perfect way to relieve anxiety, boost your mood, and boost your mental health. We skip them all!

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let's be honestSelf-care is essential.

Without strong self-care, you risk burnout, burnout, and mental health problems.

To stay happy, healthy and well, you must take care of yourself first.

This is known to be easier said than done, especially as an adult.

When schedules are packed, it's normal for self-care to fail first. Without the right self-care tools, your mental well-being can take a back seat.

You must actively prioritize self-care. It doesn't happen naturally. You need to consciously take time for yourself and take care of your mental health.

Having the right self-care resources is the perfect way to succeed.

For example, have oneshaving kit, a self-care plan, and self-care worksheets are an absolute MUST for me to continue my self-care practice.

To help you gather everything you need I've compiled 12 of the best printable self care worksheets for adults.

These self-care PDF worksheets can be saved to your computer, tablet, or phone and used over and over again. I love printable worksheets because youDownload once and get lifetime access to unlimited copies at your fingertips!

Here are the best personal care printables out there that you need to download ASAP.

(Pst... some of them are 100% FREE too!)

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The 12 best printable self care worksheets for adults

I've personally tested and combed through countless online PDF self-care worksheets to find the best of the best... and here they are!

The best options for self care worksheets

The 12 Best Printable Self-Care Worksheets for Adults - Authentically Del (2)

1. 30 Day Self Care Challenge Worksheet (FREE)

After weeks of searching the internet, I couldn't find the "perfect" 30-day self-care challenge. Each challenge had something that I personally wasn't excited about.

So... I took matters into my own hands.

I created minePrintable One Month Self Care Challenge WorksheetSince the early

This is one of my favorite prints I've ever made.

This is my go-to print when I need a refresher in my life. I use it every 3 months to really give me an extra boost in self care.

Get your free printable self-help here:

The 12 Best Printable Self-Care Worksheets for Adults - Authentically Del (3)


Get your 30-day self-care challenge sheet straight to your inbox!

The 12 Best Printable Self-Care Worksheets for Adults - Authentically Del (4)

2. Self-Sufficiency Assessment Worksheet (FREE)

This worksheet is free from Brown University. It's one of my favorite self-care worksheets.

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That's itFree printable self-help assessmenthelps you analyze your current self-care habits and identify which types of self-care need more attention.

From there, this worksheet will help youCreate an actionable self-care planto fill in the gaps in your self-care habits.

This is my favorite place to start for any "beginner" looking to improve their self-care.

3. Grounding Technique Toss Game (FREE)

grounding techniquesare coping strategies that help calm the mind. These are commonly used for anxiety, PTSD, erectile dysfunction recovery, OCD, depression, and other mental health issues.

On a biological level, grounding guides the brain from the amygdala (fight or flight/panic part of the brain) to the prefrontal cortex (calm, logical part of the brain).

As aErectile dysfunction recovery trainerI use grounding techniques with my clients every day.

This free printable contains a list of grounding techniques AND a grounding "game".

The flipsheet allows you to bid a dime to choose your grounding technique if needed.No time.

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This is the perfect printable self-help resource for anyone struggling with anxiety, stress, burnout, or mental illness.

The 12 Best Printable Self-Care Worksheets for Adults - Authentically Del (5)

4. Self Love Journal (digital + printable)

Journaling is one of the best self-care activities out there. Taking the time to journal allows you to reflect, express, and connect with your emotions.

That's itDiary of Self Loveis the PERFECT personal care printable resource. (Can also be used asdigital diaryif you want to keep a diary on your devices!)

This magazine prioritizes mindfulness, positive thinking, emotional healing and self-care.

All of these principles are essential components of a strong self-care practice.

The printable PDF self-care journal includes 30-day prompts, affirmations, bonus journal questions, and more. Not to mention that I absolutelyLindo.

This is one of the most accessible personal care printable resources I've found, e.gunlimitedvisit too! I love it.

5. Self Care Toolkit Printables (FREE)

I was impressed by the number of FREE personal care resources offered atthis blog post.

Chronic Illness Warrior Life (blog) created a self-care toolkit that consists of SEVERAL printable adult self-care worksheets.

This toolkit includes:

  • Personal care plan worksheets
  • Self Care Assessment Worksheets
  • Daily self care worksheet
  • daily self care checklist worksheet

These sheets are neat, clear and straightforward. If you love a minimalist style for your bedding, these are perfect for you.

6. Ultimate Self Care Pack (druckbar + digital)

This digital and/or printable self care journal is my pride and joy.

I created this diary myself and use it personally on a daily basis. I've been looking for a journal like this for a long time but couldn't find one that had EVERYTHING I wanted.

So I made one.

This journal has all the features that I personally look for in a self care journal.

Affirmations, self-love letters, journal prompts, self-care planning, daily check-ins, self-care ideas, self-care goals, self-compliments, mood tracking, sleep tracking and so much more...this journal I dread literally everything.

Click here to viewatpages

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I am very proud of this product and(Between you and me)It's my #1 favorite print I've ever made.

7. Printable Bingo Self-Service (FREE)

What better way to spice up your self-care than to make it feel like a game?

That's itInspiration Made Easy Personal Care BINGO SheetIt's one of my favorite free self-care printables out there.

Includes two printable BINGO sheets: one pre-filled and one blank to fill in!

I love using these BINGO sheets for a month of self care. I will complete with someSelf Care Activitiesand I intend to get my BINGO by the end of the month!

Personal care ideas for your BINGO sheet:

DIY personal care jar + 100 personal care ideas

100 self-care ideas for your love language

25 self-care ideas for the 5 senses

80 quick self-care ideas in 5 minutes

8. Self Care Record Sheet (FREE)

Positive Psychology created this amazing FREE Self Care Worksheet.

This blade always dipsself care typeand allows you to assess your current status in this areajThink about how you can improve.

It also features a "Self-Care Bank" with some top self-care activities and some thought-provoking questions to answer!

This 3-page printable is perfect for identifying your personal care needs and understanding how to meet them.

The 12 Best Printable Self-Care Worksheets for Adults - Authentically Del (6)

9. Self-care worksheet template pack

That's itSelf-care worksheet template packIt includes 150+ templates to create your own custom printable self-care worksheets.

This package includes:

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  • 21 self-care worksheets
  • 27 Self-Care-Tools
  • 25-page self-help book
  • 28 page self care journal
  • 14 Self-Care-Tracker
  • 16 pages of gratitude journal
  • 19 goal setting sheets
  • 7 page values ​​and vision workbook
  • 60 acknowledgment card templates

Thisscreen templatesmakes it easy for you to customize, download, and print exactly what you need for your personal care sheets.

This gives you unlimited access to all of these tools (ie unlimited copies of each worksheet!).

10. Self Love Travel Guide

That's it23-page workbookdedicated to self love, self care, healing, self esteem and mental health.

This pack contains printable personal care worksheets on:

  • reflection and inner work
  • diary messages
  • forgiveness meditation
  • Guided tour of the past, present and future
  • Tips and aids for body care
  • Cut out the confirmation cards
  • 30-day self-care record
  • Advance payment!

I love the features included in this pack. It has so many unique sides and is wonderful value for money!

11. Self Care Routine Worksheet (FREE)

Do you want to develop a better self-care routine? This worksheet is super simple, basic, and gets the job done!

There is room for brainstorming ideas.Self-care activities for every type of self-careand schedule them on a daily, weekly, and monthly plan.

For a free resource, this is a good starting point for developing a self-care best practice.

12. Self Care Planner + Printable Checklist

That's itPrintable 14 page personal care packIt's packed with great self-care resources! From planners to checklists to setting goals and more, there's a wide range to choose from.

This package includes:

  • Self Care Planner Page
  • Gratitude Journal Page
  • Weekly planner page for priorities and goals
  • Goal Planner Page
  • Physical activity daily planner page
  • Weekly shopping list page
  • Travel packing list
  • To-do list and daily routine page
  • Habit Tracking Page
  • Task tracking page
  • Self Care Checklist
  • weekly meal planner page
  • Weekly planner on one page at a glance
  • Notes page

The value ofthis packageIt's one of the best I've found. Not to mention that the sites are super clean, aesthetically pleasing, well designed, and easy to use.

I love this Etsy package!

The 12 Best Printable Self-Care Worksheets for Adults - Authentically Del (7)

Self Care Worksheet Summary

Of all the personal care printable templates online, these 12 get the award for being the best I've found.

Self-care is an essential part of our lives.

Developing an appropriate self-care routine is critical to overall health, happiness, and well-being.

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These personal care PDF worksheets are the perfect tools to make your personal care routine more organized, effective and refreshing.

If you have any great printables, worksheets, or self-care tips, I'd love to try them! Comment below.


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