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Brand slogans and slogans are more than just catchy phrases that people associate with a company. They represent the core of your brand. They're like your mini mission statements: it's the joke you need to say something.

But how do you come up with a tagline or slogan that resonates with customers? More importantly, how do you create an unforgettable one?

This article provides an overview of some of the most well-known and influential company slogans and slogans. We'll also break down exactly what a tagline and slogan are, go over the differences between the two, and list some ground rules you need to follow to create your own branded slogan.

You're ready to get the inspiration and knowledge you need to start creating your own brand slogan and tagline.

What is the difference between a keyword and a catchphrase?

What is a slogan?

The best dictionary definition we found there was: a word or phrase used to express a characteristic position or position or goal to be reached.

A slogan is a statement you use to promote your product or service. Slogans are instantly attention-grabbing, concise, and driven by emotion. Slogans are generally used for promotional purposes, so the public knows what products the company offers. Most business slogans also aim to make the audience feel a certain way, be it cheerful, happy or inspired.

Catchy slogans stay in the minds of consumers for a long time when used correctly and are therefore often combined with product launches. They can be changed frequently to suit different occasions.

Examples of catchy slogans:

  1. Dollar Shave Club – “Shave time. Shave the money."
  2. De Beers - "A diamond is forever".

What is a slogan?

With reference to an accessible dictionary, the most appropriate definition is the following: a repeated phrase identified with an individual, group, or product.

Think of a slogan as something more permanent. Slogans are used to summarize a company's mission, values, and beliefs. Marketing slogans are usually not product specific. Instead, they help emphasize the importance of a company's mission. Your slogan will be directly associated with your brand for years to come. With this you want to say exactly what your company stands for and give your customers a reason to follow you.

Examples of catchy slogans:

  1. L'Oréal - "Because you're worth it".
  2. Kit Kat - "Take a break, have a Kit Kat."

Slogan VS Slogan: Clear up the confusion

Product slogans aim to help a business sell goods, while brand slogans increase brand awareness. The slogans may change when the company runs certain advertising campaigns. Slogans, on the other hand, last longer because they represent the core of the brand, its mission, and its values.

A company may have a current tagline that will eventually be updated to reflect product releases, but its overall tagline remains unchanged. The most popular advertising slogans change from season to season, from campaign to campaign.

Well, that can still be a bit confusing. Some use "lemma" and "lemma" interchangeably. Some even say a slogan is a slogan. Though the lines may be blurry, remember this great example.

Apple's "Think Different" slogan was originally a slogan for one of its campaigns, just as "A Touch of Cool" is a slogan used to promote the company's MacBook Pro and "Wireless." Simply. Magical" is part of the AirPods advertising campaign.

It grew in popularity over time until it became her catchphrase.

Again, using the Apple example in mind, slogans are traditionally associated with campaigns and slogans with companies.

10 slogans and taglines from famous companies with an explanation of why they're great

Let's get down to business: some of the best slogan and tagline examples. These business slogans have been successful and are notable and famous examples of slogans. We dive into the "why" behind the popularity and fame of these company slogans so you can keep their lessons in mind as you create your own memorable lines.

1. Just do it - Nike

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Name a keyword that is most iconic. good wait Created in 1988 by Wieden+Kennedy agency founder Dan Wieden, the slogan gave Nike a reputation for being bold, fearless and direct. It's like Nike is your good friend, cheering you on and motivating you to make your dreams come true.

The slogan is perfect as it is concise, memorable and simple. It makes you think of Nike as a company that doesn't just sell sportswear. Instead, Nike supports all of your endeavors and makes sure you achieve everything you set out to do.

The Nike slogan is designed in Futura Bold Condensed font. You may want to see our work onfamous sources that made historyfor more inspiration.

2. There are things that money can't buy. For everything else there is MasterCard – MasterCard

Money can't buy your love. It can't buy you happiness. You can't buy happiness. MasterCard's world-renowned Priceless campaign, launched in 1997, followed people's changing perception of what it means to be wealthy. Instead of being rich, the company wanted people to live lives full of dreams, sincerity and positive attitude.

The slogan was designed by McCann Erickson agency for MasterCard. The advertising campaign featured different stories, such as: For example, a son who goes to a baseball game with his father. MasterCard, the commercial said, can help you buy a game ticket and some snacks, but some things are bigger than that. As an exciting conversation or a cherished hobby with your loved ones.

To this day, the phrase remains one of the most recognizable catchphrases, traveling across nations, countries and cultures.

3. Go with the Miss - Diesel

are you worried Stressed? Hectic? Go with the flow, someone once said. Diesel, a brand aimed primarily at a young audience, decided to reinvent the well-known phrase and came up with the idea: “go with the defect”.

In the beautifully shot commercial of the same name, Diesel appealed to an unconventional audience. He suggested that we humans are sometimes ashamed of our shortcomings. But that is exactly what makes us unique and special.

The commercial and slogan created by Publicis Italia invites everyone to use what they have and embrace what they cannot control. We all have so-called flaws, but the idea is to wear them with pride. For some, they are perfection.

Interestingly, the commercial was shot in Kiev, Ukraine. To better understand Ukraine's creative scene, check out our listbest creative campaigns from Ukrainian agencies.

4. Delicious – KFC

Company Slogans and Slogans: 10 Famous Examples and How to Create Your Own - VistaCreate Blog (2)


How good is KFC? Yes, the brand says: It's deliciously good!

Not every great slogan is designed by a specialized agency. The KFC catchphrase was spontaneously coined by one of the restaurant's managers in the 1950s. The voice actor behind the KFC commercial was eating his chicken when a woman yelled angrily, "He's sucking his fingers!" "Well, it's delicious!" , replied one of the managers of the restaurant.

The company's slogan quickly became synonymous with KFC as it appeared as a slogan to complement the logo. Next time you're at KFC, we bet you won't be able to finish your plate without licking your fingers. Just because it's that good.

5. Connecting people - Nokia

Company Slogans and Slogans: 10 Famous Examples and How to Create Your Own - VistaCreate Blog (3)


Our list of famous catchphrases would be incomplete without Nokia's epic Connecting People. And we bet there's a jingle playing in your head right now.

The good thing about this slogan is that it captures the core mission of the company: bringing people together. Back when iPhones were just an idea, most of us had retro-style Nokia phones. Think how magical it was to be able to talk to your loved ones on your cell phone no matter where you were. And the texts we sent...

Although Nokia lost some market share to Apple, Samsung and other giants, the slogan will be remembered forever.

Feeling nostalgic for the year 2000? to verifyhow to add some 2000s to your projects.

6. Think beyond the bun — Taco Bell

Company Slogans and Slogans: 10 Famous Examples and How to Create Your Own - VistaCreate Blog (4)


Playing around with phrases is another great way to come up with a great slogan. We all know the saying “think outside the box”, which encourages thinking outside the box and creatively. Taco Bell, an American fast food chain, went one step further and turned the recognizable phrase into a catchy slogan.

In this one, we love how instantly recognizable it is and how it nods to the company's flagship product: savory rolls, sandwiches and more.

Although the company slogan was later changed to "Live More", the old one is still one of the most successful brand slogans.

7. Try rainbow bowling

Skittles is a well-known fool - a brand that plays along, is fun and puts people in a good mood. The phrase "taste the rainbow" encapsulates the whole idea of ​​the brand. What makes Skittles special here is the weirdness, sometimes even absurdity, of its brand messages.

People love everything that is unique. That stands out from the crowd. And Skittles is indeed a brand to look out for when looking for offbeat ideas.

Can you literally taste the rainbow? Kegel makes it possible. The slogan is formulated as a call-to-action, which makes it easy to use in advertising campaigns, social media channels, and other activities.

8. We go everywhere - Toyota

Company Slogans and Slogans: 10 Famous Examples and How to Create Your Own - VistaCreate Blog (5)


In 2012, Toyota announced a new slogan to replace the old "Moving Forward". The company claimed the new slogan is a way to invite customers on a journey to discover new places and dream big with Toyota.

Bill Fay, Toyota Division General Manager, described the issue as energetic, ambitious and comprehensive. The special thing about this catchy slogan is that it allows different interpretations. Reading the slogan, one can physically think of various trips and look to the future with optimism.

Subsequently, the slogan was integrated into Toyota's national and regional advertising and was present on its digital channels.

9. Can you hear me now? -Verizon

Company slogans are not always positive statements. Sometimes you want to phrase them with a question mark to get more engagement from your audience.

In a commercial of the same name, Verizon calls itself "America's Most Reliable Wireless Network." To reinforce the message, Verizon portrayed a man who met in various places, like an airport, a regular park, or even a snowdrift. If you ask "can you hear me now?" the answer is always yes.

Verizon ran a major television campaign starring Paul Marcarell, an American actor.

10. It's not you when you're hungry - Snickers

Remind yourself when you are hungry. I eat very, very hungry. You just aren't.

Snickers took this powerful idea and turned it into one of the most famous brand slogans.

The history of this memorable phrase dates back to 2009, when Snickers was experiencing a decline in sales. To improve the situation, BBDO New York has introduced a new company motto. We love it because it's so relatable: truth at its best. And there's no better way to win customers' hearts in advertising than by telling the truth.

The campaign became an instant hit after airing during the SuperBowl.

7 rules to consider when creating your company's slogan and/or slogans

A good slogan is memorable. A great brand slogan is timeless. If that seems like too much pressure for you, don't worry. We're going to highlight seven rules that will help you get a little closer to creating great slogans and business slogans.

1. Think of your brand as a person

This includes everything that describes your brand. Before you start creating your slogan or slogans, ask yourself a few questions:

  • What is your target market?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How do they differ from their main competitors?
  • What emotions do you want to evoke in your target group?
  • How is your brand positioned, i.e. what place does it occupy in the minds of your consumers?
  • What are your key values?

When creating a catchy slogan or tagline, it also helps to think of your brand as a person. How would you describe it? How would you address your target group? What advantages would it have? What intonation would you use?

All of these answers put together bring you one step closer to creating a unique slogan for your business. When working on a slogan for a campaign, use the same rules to channel your personality and understand the essence of the product you're creating the slogan for.

2. Reflect your mission in your slogan

Most of the company slogans you see there are unique because they clearly state the core ideas behind the company. Ask yourself: why are you doing what you are doing? What are your beliefs?

While always catchy, slogans and slogans usually manage to create a certain mood around them. A quick tip here is to think of your tagline as an elevator pitch for your business. So if you were introducing your company to someone while you were in the elevator, what would you say to that person?

3. Channel your brand's personality into your tagline

Your slogan should clearly reflect your brand personality. This is funny? Serious? Maybe mystical or absurd? Remember the brand archetype theory here: your brand always exudes a certain vibe, and this should be reflected in your tagline or tagline as well.

Think about the intonation your brand uses in its communications. Your tagline will be one of the most memorable things, so be sure to use your overall communication style.

Quick Tip: To excel at creating slogans and slogans, consider giving them a specific rhythm. Use repetition and rhyme. Consider it art! Be inspired by the works of musical artists and poets. You might create one that is so successful that your customers will subconsciously repeat it. As Frank Sinatra once said, "Do Be Do Be Do".

4. Stay true to yourself as a brand and as a team

The most popular slogans and slogans work because they are true and sincere, period. Be as open as possible with your customers. Use your company's advantages and competitive advantages, but also deal fairly with its weaknesses.

To create a superior slogan, you also need to avoid over-promising. Let's say you're a small business that supplies vegan snacks to a local community. You do a great job of delivering products for some areas, but you can't scale that much. Says! Don't try to make your business appear bigger than it is. For example, you might say that you are the "best local vegan delivery service" but not the "most popular vegan delivery service in the country." Honesty always pays off.

5. Don't be a dime

You want to stand out from the crowd, right? See how you can make your slogan or slogan special. Do a lot of research on what your competitors are doing - what slogans are they using? Their goal is to stand out from the crowd of competitors, so it pays to know exactly what they're doing.

Quick tip here: Idealize! If you can't find your catchphrase from existing words, create your own neologisms. Sure, it may take time for your audience to memorize your tagline, but a creative approach like this will pay off in the long run. After all, there was a time when Google was just getting started, and now there's an expression we all use on a daily basis: "Google it!"

When creating slogans and slogans, it is better to abandon clichés and platitudes.

6. The art of conciseness

Most of the best company slogans are short and to the point. And there's a reason for that: People just don't have time to read long texts. Do you remember Nike's legendary "Just do it"? We bet you can create something as concise as it is effective.

We suggest you go this route: Brainstorm some slogans with your team and colleagues. Then see if you can get rid of some unnecessary words. Experiment, use synonyms, and refine your slogan until it's the best possible version. When your slogan appears in stores, it's better that your customers understand it immediately.

For both a slogan and slogan, it is better to keep it short – 6-10 words in total.

7. Appeal to people's emotions

We're all emotional beings, right? Most business slogans are successful because they try to evoke emotions and feelings. How do you want your customers to feel when they see a slogan? You may want to encourage or inspire them.

Tip: Use aWheel of Feelingsto create the central emotion you want to convey with your slogan. Make sure it aligns with your business idea, archetype, and brand values.

To add some emotional value to your tagline or tagline, consider using words like "cheerful," "cheerful," "frank," "amazing," and more—they'll put your audience in a good mood.

How to create the perfect slogan

Remember to use small words.You will find that the most popular slogans are simple. They use very simple words to convey a powerful message. That's the trick. A good rule of thumb to check if you have the perfect slogan is that children will easily understand it. You might find this a bit odd, but if a fourth grader can understand and repeat the catchphrase, you've got a good word. If you can say it easily, you can surely remember it easily.

Brainstorm around your company.Sit back and take another look at your brand DNA. Brainstorm words (even using the thesaurus if you can) that relate to your business or its nature. In this case, competitor research might help, but try to see how you can differentiate yourself. Always think about your business and see what words jump off the page for you to use.

Use strong words and phrases.These are the words that evoke emotions. Once you have a few slogans to test, give them a go! Let's see if others respond well to it.

How to create the perfect slogan

tell a story in one sentence. That's right, confine him to this difficult task. Try to say as much as possible with as few words as possible. Let the catchphrase roll off your tongue. Similar rules apply to creating the perfect tagline, but the difference here is that you could use the tagline to represent your brand. Think about the aspect of your business that you are highlighting and try to tell a story to your audience.

clarity of the message.No part of your slogan should be confusing. Below are examples of some of the most popular and memorable slogans.

  • Disneyland:The happiest place on earth.
  • M&M´s:It melts in your mouth, not your hand.
  • Red Bull:Red Bull gives you grips.
  • MC Donalds:I am in love.
  • Taco Bell:Think outside the bun.
  • BMW:The ultimate driving machine.

Do you see the pattern yet? Yes, the sentences are simple. But his message is also very clear. Clarity + simplicity is the trick with slogans.

Write a long paragraph, condense it into one line.There is a great exercise in writing slogans. First you write down on paper all the things that come to your mind that explain what you are doing. Then reduce it to one sentence. Then turn it into a sentence and finally into a catchy slogan.

Finally, on slogans and brand slogans.

Finding the perfect slogans and slogans is an art in itself. You might want to consult professionals to help you create something that truly fits your brand. It is definitely an investment for all brands.

Some of the brightest minds have sat where you sit and simply brainstormed with your brand in mind. Grab a pen and paper and jot down these ideas! Start with the easy part: write a long paragraph with everything you want to say. Then use your editing skills to reduce your paragraph to one line and condense the essence of your brand into a single line.

Easier said than done, but nobody knows your business like you do. Grab pen and paper and get started 🙂

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