27 Incredible Facts About Post Malone: ​​His Real Name, Height, Net Worth & More (2023)

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Post Malone, an American rapper, songwriter, singer, and actor, often crosses the divide in the music industry, even describing his music as "genreless."

Since his first big hit, "White Iverson," Post Malone has taken his career to the next level, selling out arenas around the world.

Here are 27 interesting facts aboutpost malone.

His real name is Austin Post.

27 Incredible Facts About Post Malone: ​​His Real Name, Height, Net Worth & More (1)

Post Malone was born Austin Richard Post. He chose his stage name Post Malone using an online rap name generator.

Post Malone Height

Post probably could never get away with a rap name "Lil" because he's 6ft tall.

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He was born on July 4th

There may not be a movie about him starring Tom Cruise, but Post Malone might as well claim America's birthday as his own. He was born on July 4, 1995. Is it safe to assume he's having twice as much fun?

His father Rich worked for the Dallas Cowboys.

Although Post has played all over the world, he hails from the eastern and southwestern United States. He lived in Syracuse, New York, until he was 9, when his father took a job with the Dallas Cowboys. The family then moved to Grapevine, Texas, a Dallas-Fort Worth suburb.

Started as a wedding DJ

Before he made it big, Post was a regular at weddings as a college student in Syracuse, where he DJed to accommodate guests. This kept him up to date with all developments in the industry.

Post Malone, Chicken Express and... ¿Mocasines?

When he was in high school, Post worked at the famous American restaurant Chicken Express and used his savings to buy an $800 pair of Versace loafers. Now he has a whole collection of different loafers.

27 Incredible Facts About Post Malone: ​​His Real Name, Height, Net Worth & More (2)

His fame was proclaimed

Post's senior class voted him "Most Likely Famous". This is after he started recording and releasing music at the age of 16.

Post Malone made his first Audacity mixtape at age 16

"Young and After Them Riches" was recorded on Audacity when Post Malone was just 16 years old. Audacity is an audio editor that allows users to use it for free.

he dropped out of college

Post Malone dropped out of Tarrant County Community College and claimed in a tweet that he wasn't doing very well at school.

He was almost a professional metal guitarist.

In high school, Post played in a metal band, and an audition to play guitar for popular metalcore band Crown the Empire ended badly for Post when his guitar strings apparently snapped.

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He was part of a music group.

Post relocated to Los Angeles with plans to help produce videos for the Sky Does Everything YouTube channel. It turns out he teamed up with other artists and they formed a group called "BLCKVRD".

He doesn't like his first album

Although Post's debut album,stony,It did well commercially and contained a few hits, but did not receive the best reviews. Post definitely wasn't trying to deflect criticism by saying his next album would be much better.

Her first single reached a million views on Soundcloud

"White Iverson," recorded just days after Post Malone wrote it, was uploaded tosound cloudwhere it reached one million transmissions in one month.

27 Incredible Facts About Post Malone: ​​His Real Name, Height, Net Worth & More (3)

Post Malone hat Angst

Post says in the above interview that he's been "anxious and a little sad all the time" since he started high school. He also shares an experience that seemed to have pushed him over the edge.

"I smoked weed once and felt like I was dying. Ever since then I've felt like my heart is always racing and in general I'm super nervous now and shaking all the time."

Spent $40,000 on Postmates in one year

Ironically, Post Malone is the Postmates' biggest customer. Postmates is a grocery delivery company. It has been reported that Post Malone spent over $40,000 on the app in one year. They call him "Postmates Malone".

Guitar Hero changed his life

Post Malone might never have really taken up playing the guitar if it wasn't for the popularityThe hero is the guitarSeries of video games that help players experiment with musicality and test their ability to keep time and hit the right notes on a guitar controller.

have fear of flying

Post Malone admits in an interview, "Flying scares me," and with good reason. In August 2018, he was a passenger on a plane bound for London when two tires blew out on takeoff.

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Pilots would circle in the air for hours to burn off the full tank of gas to make the plane lighter and therefore cause less damage and risk on landing. Post Malone explains how his fear went through the roof.

27 Incredible Facts About Post Malone: ​​His Real Name, Height, Net Worth & More (4)

It is sponsored by Bud Light

Post Malone has a partnership withBud light.He has appeared in television commercials for the beverage brand. They even made limited edition beer cans with his face on them. Post Malone also keeps a Bud Light beer cooler at his house, which is stocked with Bud Light at all times.

Net worth of Post Malone

According to most celebrity net worth websites, Post Malone's net worth is currently around $30 million and is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

Post Malone spends his money a little differently than many celebrities. He reportedly bought a $3 million home in Utah.

He is also a car enthusiast and has bought a $3 million Bugatti Chiron and a $320,000 Rolls Royce.

Remember, we've already talked about your take-out bill.

His first national television debut was on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Post Malone made his national television debut performing "Go Flex" on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Post Malones Top 10 Songs

While there are many charts with some of Post Malone's biggest hits, Spotify has ranked them for most streams. While many people disagree on which songs should be on the list, the numbers don't lie.

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Many of these songs were created in collaboration with other artists who also deserve the props, but with this list it's clear why Post Malone was so successful.

Here you are:

  • "Rockstar": 2.1 billion views
  • sunflower— 1.8 billion streams
  • "Better Now": 1.3 billion views
  • "Circles": 1.2 billion streams
  • "Wow" - 1 billion streams
  • "Congratulations" - 1 billion views
  • "I Fall Apart" - 950 million streams
  • Psycho— 920 million views
  • "Goodbye" - 650 million streams
  • Candy Paint - 465 million views
27 Incredible Facts About Post Malone: ​​His Real Name, Height, Net Worth & More (5)

He has tattoos of many famous people.

There are many tattoos on Post, including his face, but one of the most intriguing of his tattoos is that of a music legend.Bob Dylan, which appears on his left arm.

Post can look extra patriotic because she has a tattoo of the popular 35th President John F. Kennedy. However, his reasons for the tattoo are based on how Kennedy fought government corruption.

He's well on his way to becoming a movie star.

For someone as interested in the genre as Post Malone, it should seem obvious that he's putting his acting talent to good use. He has a role in the upcoming Mark Wahlberg movie.wonderful world, to be released via Netflix. We hope to see more performances from him on the big screen in the near future.

Post Malone performed at Kylie Jenner's 18th birthday party

The same month that he signed a deal with Republic Records, Post Malone also performed at Kylie Jenner's 18th birthday party, which is where he oddly metKanye West. The pair then worked on the song "Fade," which appeared on Kanye West's album.Paul's life.

27 Incredible Facts About Post Malone: ​​His Real Name, Height, Net Worth & More (6)

He has a lot of music awards and nominations.

Post Malone-Songs“Rockstar', 'Círculos' and 'Girassol' have already brought him several awards. He has also been nominated for multiple Grammy Awards, with an estimated 60 million albums sold to date.

He was also honored to release his second albumbeer bongs and Bentley,reached number one on the Billboard 200. "Circles" from their third albumbleeding, released in 2019, reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.applause” received the Diamond Award from the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

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Post Malone once opened for Justin Bieber

During his Purpose TourJustin BieberHe invited Post Malone to open for him during the North American leg of the tour. Apparently Justin and Post were friends before this happened. It is reported that pranks were also played during the tour.

He worked with several well-known artists.

Speaking of collaborations, Post Malone has worked with many of the music industry's most well-known artists.

These are some of these collaborations:

  • “Feel” – with Kehlani
  • Deja Vu by Justin Bieber
  • "Rockstar" featuring 21 Savage saw this collaboration lead to both artists' first number one hits on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.
  • "Congratulations" - with Quavo
  • "Sunflower" and "Spoil My Night" - by Swae Lee
  • one now— With the weekend


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