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Each thematic answer consists of two words: the first is part of a HUMAN and the second part of NATURE:

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6 beach bars in Barcelona: TAPAS

"Tapa" is the Spanish word for "tapa". There is no clear reason why this word was used for an aperitif. Many explanations are cited, all having to do with temporarily covering the wine glass with a plate or food, either to preserve the wine or to give someone more space at the table.

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain after the capital Madrid. It is also the largest European city on the Mediterranean coast and the capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia.

11 bones in the mouth: jaws

The human skull consists of two parts: the cranium (which surrounds the brain) and the mandible (or "jaw").

14 titles for Tuck: MÖNDER

Friar Tuck is a character that appears in the legends of Robin Hood. A merry man who loves food and wine, he is a member of Robin's merry band of bandits.

15 Roger, who wrote "I hated, I hated, I hated this movie": EBERT

I Hated I Hated This Movie is a collection consisting of a few hundred of Roger Ebert's most bitter and negative film reviews. Reviews of "Armageddon" (1998), "The Beverly Hillbillies" (1993) and "Police Academy" (1984) are included.

16 Good prefix for Earth Day: ECO-

Earth Day was founded in the United States, where it was introduced by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin. Earth Day was created to raise awareness and appreciate the natural environment of our planet. The original Earth Day was April 22, 1970. Decades later, the day is celebrated in more than 175 countries.

17 *Region in upstate New York named for its body of water: FINGER LAKES

When I moved to the US, I settled in upstate New York and was lucky enough to live near the beautiful Finger Lakes. The largest of the eleven lakes is Seneca Lake, which is among the deepest bodies of water in the United States.

21 Kaitlin from It's Always Sunny in Philly: OLSON

Deandra "Sweet Dee" Reynolds is a character played by Kaitlin Olson on the sitcom It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

30 Nilschlange: ASP

The Egyptian cobra (Naja haje) is also known as the asp. However, the term "Asp" can be applied to several species of snake, including the Egyptian cobra. According to legend, Cleopatra committed suicide by luring a viper to bite her. If that's true, then that snake was probably an Egyptian snake.

34 Frontline Network: PBS

"Frontline" is a critically acclaimed PBS documentary that has been on the air since 1983. The show is the brainchild of WGBH-TV in Boston.

37 Houston Who Fought Santa Anna: SAM

Sam Houston was the first President of the Republic of Texas, a US Senator from Texas, and Governor of the state. Houston was also the Governor of Tennessee in a previous life and is the only person in US history to have served as Governor of two different states. The city of Houston is named after Sam, and the nearby city of Huntsville has a statue of Houston, which is the largest free-standing statue of an American.

38 Land Paid Paid: SAMOA

Pago Pago is the capital of American Samoa in the South Pacific. The island was used by the US Navy during World War II and escaped most conflicts. The only major military incident was the bombardment of the city's port by a Japanese submarine. A more devastating event was the tsunami that struck Pago Pago and surrounding areas in 2009, causing widespread damage and numerous deaths.

39 Notice of sale, on plate: SRO

Standing Room Only (SRO)

42 Weight of a diamond: carat

The carat is a unit of mass equal to 200 mg (0.2 grams). It is used to determine the size of gemstones.

46 * Source of shadow on a lonely island, say: PALM TREE

Palm trees are perennial flowering plants that take many forms, some as shrubs and others as vines, for example. Some take the form of a tree, with a woody trunk topped by a crown of leaves. These palms are commonly called "palms". The coco de mer palm has the largest seeds of any plant on the planet. We are most familiar with the coconut palm, which has the second largest known vegetable seed.

50 The "A" in M.F.A. : ART

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

51 Skateboarding Cool: OLLIE

An ollie is a skateboard trick invented by Alan "Ollie" Gelfand in 1976. Apparently, there is a way to lift the board off the ground while standing on it without touching the board with your hands. Yes, I could...

53 companions of Tarzan: APE

In Edgar Rice Burroughs' stories, Tarzan of the Apes was actually the Englishman John Clayton, Viscount Greystoke.

Composition of 60 fats: LIPIDS

Lipids are a group of naturally occurring molecules, including fats, waxes, and fat-soluble vitamins (such as A, D, and E). We sometimes use the words "fat" and "lipid" interchangeably, but fats are a subgroup of lipids, specifically a group better known as triglycerides.


1 close friend, informally: BFF

Best friend forever (BFF)

3 Apple used for cider: WINEAP

A grape apple is a small, tart apple often used to make cider.

8 Laranja ___ (Teetyp): PEKOE

A pekoe (or more commonly "orange pekoe") is a medium-bodied black tea. A pekoe orange tea does not taste like orange. The name "Orange" probably derives from the name of the trading company that brought tea from Asia to Europe.

10 lines GPS: abbreviation: STS

A global positioning system (GPS) can display streets (sts.).

11 Catholic religious order that founded Georgetown University: JESUIT

Saint Ignatius of Loyola (also known as Íñigo López de Loyola) was a Spanish knight from a noble family in the Spanish Basque Country. He left his simple life to become a hermit and priest, eventually founding the Society of Jesus (Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Church).

Supply of 12 Squirrels: ACORNS

There are several species of gray squirrels native to North America. Although I live here in the western part of the continent, I am most familiar with the eastern gray squirrel. This is because this particular species was introduced to Italy in 1948, and now the animal is invading the entire continent. The result in the UK and Ireland is that the native red squirrel population is now endangered and there are active programs to eradicate the invasive species. There was even a plan to recruit celebrity chefs for gray squirrel recipes to wipe out the population!

18 Cesar Who Played The Cisco Kid: ROMERO

César Romero was an American actor of Cuban descent from New York. He has played several roles on the big screen, but many remember him playing the Joker on the Batman TV show in the 1960s.

The Cisco Kid is a character first introduced in a short story by O. Henry called "The Caballero's Way". The original literary character was a ruthless bully, but the character portrayed in later movies and TV shows is more heroic.

22 cotton swabs, eg: SWAB

Cotton swabs were originally marketed under the name "Baby Gays". This was changed to "Q-Tips" in 1926, where the Q stands for "Quality".

23 "It's ___ story told about an idiot": Macbeth: IT'S A

After learning of the death of Lady Macbeth, the main character of William Shakespeare's "Macbeth" utters the words:

[Life] is a story
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
it does not mean anything.

24 Unique place for fast food: AUTOMAT

An Automat is a quick service restaurant popular in the first half of the 20th century. The original Automat was founded in Berlin, but the concept took off in the United States. However, by the 1950s, our modern fast-food restaurants had all but eliminated vending machines.

37 Cookies usually served with soup: SALINAS

F. L. Sommer & Company, of St. Joseph, Missouri, began making thin soda crackers in 1876. The crackers were later marketed as "salt" due to baking salt being a key ingredient. As a result, the company lost trademark protection for the term "Saltine".

41 Cast Material: ORE

Metals are found in minerals in the form of oxides. To extract pure metal from ore, the ore is heated and the metal oxides it contains are reduced (ie, oxygen is removed) in a chemical process known as smelting. Oxygen is extracted by adding a source of carbon, or carbon monoxide, which consumes the excess oxygen atoms to produce carbon dioxide, a byproduct of smelting (and a greenhouse gas).

43 Stage company: TRUPE

"Troupe" is a French word meaning "company, band."

45 Gratis: GRATIS

Something that is given for free is given for free. "Gratis" is a Latin term, a contraction of "gratiis", which means "thank you".

47 Name on a glue bottle: ELMER

Elsie the Cow is the mascot of the Borden Company. Elsie first appeared at the 1939 New York World's Fair and was introduced to symbolize the perfect dairy product. She is so famous and respected that she received the titles of Doctor of Bovinity, Doctor of Human Kindness and Doctor of Economics. Elsie also got a husband named Elmer the Bull. Elmer eventually moved into Borden's chemistry department, where he named Elmer's Glue after her.

48 Espiralhornantilope: ELAND

The eland (plural "eland, elands") is a large African antelope, actually the largest antelope on Earth. Both the male and female eland have horns, and these horns have a uniform spiral ridge along their length.

52 ___ 500: INDIA

The Indianapolis 500 race is held annually at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Speedway, Indiana. The race is run around a 2.5 mile oval and therefore requires 200 laps to complete. The first Indy 500 race was held on Memorial Day in 1911. That day's winner was one Ray Harroun. Harroun had seen someone using a rearview mirror on a horse-drawn vehicle and decided to put one on his Marmon "Wasp" car. This is said to be the first use of a rear view mirror on a motor vehicle.

55 Attila, especially: HUN

The Huns were a nomadic people who arose in Eastern Europe in the fourth century. Under Attila the Hun, they developed a unified empire that stretched from present-day Germany to the Central Asian steppes. The entire Hunnic Empire collapsed within a year of Attila's death in AD 453.

56 ___ Fashion: NO

“à la mode” simply means “in fashion” in French. In America, the term has also come to describe a way of serving pies. Pie served a la mode includes a dollop of whipped cream or ice cream or, as I remember from my time in upstate New York, a piece of cheddar cheese.

57 summer hours. in DC: EDT

Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

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1 Salute to a king or queen, say BENT
6 beach bars in Barcelona: TAPAS
11 bones in the mouth: jaws
14 titles for Tuck: MÖNDER
15 Roger, who wrote "I hated, I hated, I hated this movie": EBERT
16 Good prefix for Earth Day: ECO-
17 *Region in upstate New York named for its body of water: FINGER LAKES
19 Female Sow: SAU
20 Soft Fish: Eel
21 Kaitlin from It's Always Sunny in Philly: OLSON
22 No Doubt: SAFE
23 Pant Leg Measurements - Inseam
25 * Navigation barrier for sailboat: HEADWIND
27 The marble figure: THE STATUE
29 Rights of Ticket Holders: SEATS
30 Nilschlange: ASP
31 Legal Processes: PROCESS
34 Frontline Network: PBS
35 *Warm up exercises for climbers : HILLS
37 Houston Who Fought Santa Anna: SAM
38 Land Paid Paid: SAMOA
39 Notice of sale, on plate: SRO
42 Weight of a diamond: carat
44 The one who tends to make mistakes: BUNGLER
46 * Source of shadow on a lonely island, say: PALM TREE
49 stem cells (from): DERIVE
50 The "A" in M.F.A. : ART
51 Skateboarding Cool: OLLIE
53 companions of Tarzan: APE
54 Are you going down a slippery slope? : SKI
55 Characteristics we all have... or a two-part description of the responses to the highlighted clues? : HUMAN NATURE
58 Number of Canadian provinces: TEN
59 Overturn: UP
Composition of 60 fats: LIPIDS
61 Vote in favour: YES
62 As a technician: NERD
63 Desired Attribute: WEALTH


1 close friend, informally: BFF
2 points in the right direction: EAST
3 Apple used for cider: WINEAP
4 Young Raptor: EAGLE
5 Raps Dr.___: DRE
6 Count: Count
7 Embarrassing: ABASCH
8 Laranja ___ (Teetyp): PEKOE
Top 9 sports venues: ARENA
10 lines GPS: abbreviation: STS
11 Catholic religious order that founded Georgetown University: JESUIT
Supply of 12 Squirrels: ACORNS
13 Dazzled: THRILLED
18 Cesar Who Played The Cisco Kid: ROMERO
22 cotton swabs, eg: SWAB
23 "It's ___ story told about an idiot": Macbeth: IT'S A
24 Unique place for fast food: AUTOMAT
26 Leaving a flight: DISEMBARKING
28 Look at the children: SITTING
32 "This is amazing!" : AHA!
33 arm or leg: LIMBS
35 localities with barns: AGRICULTURE
36 Make it easy to listen, so to speak: LOUDEN
37 Cookies usually served with soup: SALINAS
39 Little Mistakes: SLIP
40 Waking Dream: DREAM
41 Cast Material: ORE
42 Automatic access element: CAR KEY
43 Stage company: TRUPE
45 Gratis: GRATIS
46 Italian restaurant staples: PASTA
47 Name on a glue bottle: ELMER
48 Espiralhornantilope: ELAND
52 ___ 500: INDIA
55 Attila, especially: HUN
56 ___ Fashion: NO
57 summer hours. in DC: EDT

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How to check ny Times crossword? ›

The New York Times Crossword Puzzle can be played at nytimes.com/games, on the The New York Times Crossword app (iOS and Android), and on The New York Times News app (iOS and Android).

Does the Sunday New York Times have a crossword puzzle? ›

The first, and still the best! The New York Times Sunday crossword debuted in 1942, and ever since has remained the nation's favorite puzzle.

What is a syndicated crossword puzzle clue? ›

What is the syndicated crossword? The syndicated crossword is the New York Times puzzle that is published in publications other than the New York Times. The Times has an arrangement with other papers allowing them to use older New York Times crosswords.

What is an eye exam you need to pass NYT Crossword? ›

1A relies on a pun: An “Eye exam you need to pass?” is an IRIS SCAN, which can supposedly get you through airport security faster.

How do I access the old NY Times crossword? ›

To access archived puzzles from the Games webpage:
  1. Select the hamburger menu icon on the top left-hand side of the New York Times Games homepage (nytimes.com/games):
  2. Select Crossword Archives from the drop-down menu:

How do I download the New York Times crossword? ›

You are now ready to play or print out the puzzles! Just click the crossword puzzle link on the NYTimes.com crossword page and your Web browser will download the puzzle and automatically start up Across Lite with the puzzle loaded.

What is the best free crossword? ›

The New York Times Crossword

The New York Times is the holy grail for crossword puzzlers.

What day of the week is the hardest NYT Crossword? ›

The Saturday crossword is actually the hardest puzzle of the week. Mondays have the most straightforward clues and Saturday clues are the hardest, or involve the most wordplay. Contrary to popular belief, the Sunday puzzles are midweek difficulty, not the hardest. They're just bigger.

What is the most popular crossword puzzle? ›

The New York Times crossword puzzle.

Can I fail an eye exam? ›

This is not a test, there are no right answers and you cannot fail your eye exam! So many patients worry about “failing” the test that it literally changes their prescription because they are over-thinking. So relax and breathe and let the lenses do the job.

What is the best eye exam score? ›

What is “Perfect” Vision? While 20/20 vision is considered to be perfect, it's not actually what we think of as perfect. Many people, mostly children, have better than 20/20 vision. Healthy eyes can easily go down to the 20/15 level with some accuracy.

How do you pass an eye exam? ›

The DMV's vision screening standard is:
  1. 20/40 with both eyes tested together, and.
  2. 20/40 in one eye and at least, 20/70 in the other eye.

What is the most used word in crossword puzzles? ›

“ERA” is the most common word in crossword puzzles, as well as “ARE,” “AREA,” and “ORE,” according to Gaffney.

What do you call a person who loves crossword puzzles? ›


What is the secret to doing crossword puzzles? ›

Tackle the easiest clues first.

Scan through the clues, and knock out all the easiest ones. Not only will this give your gameplay some structure, but also it'll give you an ego boost! Typically, fill-in-the-blank clues are the easiest. For example: “___ of Oz.”

Is the New York Times Crossword app free? ›

Free to download, the app offers new puzzles daily for every skill level. There are never any ads to disrupt the fun in The New York Times Crossword app, so you can play without distraction. Looking for a classic word game?

Can I get crossword puzzles online? ›

BestCrosswords.com is the largest supplier of free crossword puzzles on the web, publishing 15 grids daily from an archive of more 100,000. You can play in your web browser, smartphone, tablet or print in high resolution.

Can you do The Times crossword online? ›

What crosswords are available on The Times website? Your digital subscription includes free access to interactive and print versions of the daily cryptic and concise puzzles which are publshed in The Times, Monday to Friday.

Is the daily crossword app free? ›

In no time, you will become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun, and all for free! What does Daily Themed Crossword offer? What are you waiting for? Download Daily Themed Crossword right now, join thousands of crossword enthusiasts and see why everyone is hooked!

Is USA Today crossword app free? ›

The USA TODAY Crossword app is free to download and play. In-app purchases are available for subscriptions.

Can I download crossword puzzles? ›

Printable crossword puzzles, can easily be downloaded whenever you want. Besides having access to printable crossword puzzles at anytime, free printable crossword puzzles offer players a whole new level of enjoyment.

What does FR mean in crossword? ›

Some common crossword abbreviations include: Fr. – French.

What newspaper has the hardest crossword puzzle? ›

Many puzzle fans love the deviously difficult New York Times Friday and Saturday crosswords: They're the hardest puzzles around, and once you've conquered them, you're a true Puzzlemaster!

Can you get paid to do crossword puzzles? ›

crossword construction probably won't make you rich. Most constructors work on a freelance basis, on a "per puzzle payment plan," if you will. The best known crossword publisher, the New York Times, pays $200 to $300 a puzzle, and $1,000 if you land a coveted Sunday spot (source).

How many NYT Crossword puzzles are there? ›

In the history of the New York Times crossword, there have been 26,786 daily puzzles and four full-time editors. (Mel Taub was the interim editor following Mr. Maleska's death in 1993.)

How long should it take to finish NYT Crossword? ›

I solve crosswords in 15 - 30 minutes, and usually longer on the New York Times. The Times is tough any day past Tuesday. I've rarely solved any on Wednesday, and maybe only once on a Saturday, and I've been doing crosswords for more than ten years. I just finished today's NYT, (Monday) in about half an hour.

What is the world record crossword? ›

The largest published crossword has 66,666 clues in total with 33,018 clues across and 33,648 clues…

What crossword puzzles are good for the brain? ›

A study published in NEJM Evidence found that people with mild memory problems who did web-based crossword puzzles showed improvement in cognition and experienced less brain shrinkage, compared to those who played web-based cognitive games.

What was the first crossword word? ›

Cryptic crosswords

The first crossword answers were just definitions and similes; the first cryptic crossword was published on 30th July 1925 by The Daily Telegraph.

Can crossword puzzles have two words? ›

However, many times the blank space can be filled in with two or more words. In easier crosswords, multiple words will be indicated with (2 words) or (2 wds.), but more often than not it will be up to the solver to determine how many words fill in the space. Another hint sometimes used in clues is (hyphenated).

What eye conditions stop you driving? ›

Common eyesight conditions that can affect drivers
  • Good vision. Cataracts. ...
  • Diabetic Retinopathy. Caused by diabetes, results in patches of vision loss and thereby lacks sharpness across the visual field. ...
  • Macular Degeneration. A common eye condition in which central vision deteriorates.

Which line is 20 40 on an eye chart? ›

The third line is equivalent to 20/40, it is the driver's test line.

Can you drive with one eye? ›

Your horizontal field of vision must be 150° or more. If you have sight in one eye only, you must have a visual acuity (with corrective lenses, where necessary) of at least 0.6 (6/10), an unrestricted field of vision in the eye concerned and your monocular vision must have existed for enough time to allow you to adapt.

What is the lowest eye score? ›

20/500 to 20/1000, this is considered profound visual impairment or profound low vision. Less than 20/1000, this is considered near-total visual impairment or near-total low vision. No light perception, this is considered total visual impairment, or total blindness.

What is a 400 eye grade? ›

Someone with 20/400 vision must be 20 feet from an object in order to see it as clearly as a normally sighted person can from a distance of 400 feet.

What is the average eye score? ›

Having 20/20 vision means you have normal or average, vision. Some people have vision that's better than 20/20, like 20/15 vision or 20/10 vision. This means that you can see something 20 feet away (like a line on an eye chart) that most people can see when they're 15 feet away (20/15) or 10 feet away (20/10).

Can you cheat an eye detect test? ›

Yes, “cheating” on an eye exam is possible. People may do this by memorizing vision charts or skewing their answers during their exam. But this is not a recommended practice for several reasons: It can result in visual discomfort, an incorrect prescription, road dangers and even legal trouble.

Does 20 40 vision need glasses? ›

A person with 20/40 vision sees things at 20 feet that most people who don't need vision correction can see at 40 feet. This means that they are nearsighted, but only slightly. A person with 20/40 vision may or may not need eyeglasses or contacts, and can discuss his or her options with a doctor.

How can I tell if I have 20 40 vision? ›

The numbers in your visual acuity measurement have to do with distance. It might be easiest to explain if you imagine the Snellen chart: When you have a Snellen test score of 20/40, that means you'd see the chart as clearly at 20 feet away as someone with “normal” vision would see it from 40 feet away.

Can you print out the ny Times crossword? ›

Open the puzzle on the main Games page and locate the “Print” button in the upper right-hand corner. This button will also appear when the puzzle is open.

Does the NYT crossword app cost money? ›

Free to download, the app offers new puzzles daily for every skill level. There are never any ads to disrupt the fun in The New York Times Crossword app, so you can play without distraction. Looking for a classic word game?

How much is NYT Crossword subscription? ›

Your payment method will automatically be charged in advance the introductory rate of $4 every 4 weeks for 1 year, and after 1 year the standard rate of $25 every 4 weeks. Your subscription will continue until you cancel. Cancellation takes effect at the end of your current billing period. Taxes may apply.

Can I get The Times crossword online? ›

Times crosswords are available online to subscribers to the online newspaper via the Times Crossword Club. Subscribers have access to more than 9,000 puzzles from The Times and The Sunday Times.

How do you print crossword? ›

To do this, point the crossword to the upper left corner of the crossword puzzle and then hold down the left mouse button (don't let go!) and while holding the left button down drag the crosshair to the opposite corner of the crossword and let go.

What are the best free online crossword puzzles? ›

  • Free Themed Crossword Puzzles.
  • Premier Crossword.
  • Stan Newman's Hard Crossword.
  • Best Daily American Crossword.
  • Mini Crossword.
  • Stan Newman's Sunday Crossword.
  • Penny Dell Easy Morning Crosswords.
  • Best Daily Quick Crossword.

Can you play NYT games for free? ›

Do I have to register with The New York Times or pay to play Wordle? No, Wordle is free to play. You do not have to register or sign in to play.

Is NYT online free? ›

The New York Times Web paywall lets you read up to 10 free articles a month online. If you want more, you have to pay for a digital subscription.

How much is a 1 year NYT subscription? ›

All Access

Billed $25 $6 every 4 weeks for the first year. Cancel or pause anytime. News. Understand the world with original reporting from 1,700 journalists.

How to get a free nyt crossword subscription? ›

Home delivery subscribers receive free access to Premium Crosswords. Play now , or go to the home delivery website to register your subscription for free access. Benefits of New York Times Premium Crossword Membership: Enjoy access to 4,000+ puzzles, and solutions, from The Times's archive.

Do NYT crossword puzzles get paid? ›

Payment varies based on the day of the week and number of puzzles you've had published with The New York Times.

What is the most famous crossword puzzle? ›

The Times Crossword is the world's most famous crossword.

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